Vera Vidya: (noun) True Learning
Armidale's Premier Yoga Studio
Our stunning studio hidden in the heart of Armidale is a safe & collaborative space.
We have created a community where you can learn, connect, explore, discover and laugh.
Classes are designed to calm the mind, lift your mood, free your movement and strengthen your body from the inside out. 
Come and discover how amazing you can feel and move. 
What Vera Vidya is All About:
Secret #1: Yoga Practice For Life
Find your time out and connect in. Everyone needs to start somewhere. The smallest step in the right direction may be the biggest step of your life. 
Secret #2: Unlocking Your Personal Power
Sometimes someone else believing in you is the beginning of you believing in yourself
Secret #3: Train the Mind & Body
Improve your flexibility, mobility, mental health whilst getting stronger and faster. It starts in the mind and the body follows.
True Knowledge...
 The Journey To Vera Vidya
Step into the studio and escape the daily grind and pressure. Leave the chaotic & busy world behind and find the space to work on what ever is important to you right now. 
Vera Vidya Yoga is place to stop, be still & switch off. The nurturing environment facilitates self awareness, self love and builds self confidence leaving you feeling energised, grounded and whole.
It is a place where you connect in, moving the body in ways that feel amazing and allow you explore all the benefits of yoga.
No matter how experienced or inflexible you are, we encourage you to come and try. 

 Class Schedule 

Vera Vidya Classes
Our signature class, Yoga Flow is an energetic practice that builds heat, strength, flexibility and endurance. The flow within the class is breath-synchronized movement. In other words you inhale to move one way and exhale to move another and with all the breaths you are going to be taking you will have had a whole lot of action by the end of class. It maybe fast or slow depending on the individuals and the teacher in the room. 
Why do people love Yoga Flow? Because it is an empowering practice that will support you to explore and embrace the edges of your own potential. You will walk out of class feeling energised, grounded and completely chilled. Just they way we like it.
9.15am Flow classes are for level one yogi's or beginners.
6am Flow classes have more heat if that is what you are looking for. 
Find the balance. Still the body and the mind. Yin is a gentle mediative practice targeting the connective tissue, tendons, fascia and ligaments. It is excellent for joint mobility, flexibility and reducing tension resulting in a deep, integrated and satisfying practice. Yin uses passive and relaxing poses that are held for longer to activate the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system – rest and digest) and work on the meridian lines within your body.  
This flow is a gentle practice that re-creates balance in the body and harmony in the mind. It works through mobilisation and stabilisation of the joints. A slow calm breath is used throughout the practice to allow the energy to move more freely within the body, creating more space and ease when coming in and out of each pose. It is ideal for anyone starting the yoga journey or wanting a nice gentle class. 
Work to bring breath and body into harmony through a gentle alignment focused practice. 
Ground yourself in movement, connect with your breath, and surrender it on the mat. Slow mindful flow and deep relaxation come together to bring you balance and ease. 
A popular modern yoga which incorporates a dynamic, flowing practice and includes stronger physically challenging poses. It is focused on strength building as well as increasing flexibility, inner balance and mental resilience. Power Yoga is an intuitive practice, playing with the dance of polarities – yin and yang..
Do you ever wish you could have all the benefits of yoga without all the bells and whistles? This is the class that gets you just that.Functional dynamic stretching that strengthens and realigns the body.
It is a must class for runners, cyclists and sports enthusiasts. It gets the body fired up and ready to train, lighting up muscles you don’t usually focus on in general strength training, while incorporating all the flexibility benefits of yoga.
Standing the test of time, Pilates classes focus on building core strength by incorporating precise movements that require control and technique. The aim to build strength, flexibility, coordination and muscular endurance with an emphasis on lengthening the body and improving spatial awareness. If you have not tried one of these classes you need to book in today!!
Dynamic Pilates is for all levels and Power Pilates turns up the heat.
Warm and strengthen the body through an energising asana flow. We move and breathe, taking time to pause and feel, observe and adjust. Class is designed around the alignment principles of a specific pose or groups of poses that are meant to educate the body and mind in a meaningful way. On a deeper level, as resistance is released and tension is shed, you will be able flow with the present moment.
All our senior teachers are available for private Yoga classes. This is a great option if you are interested in a tailored one on one program or you have a group of friends gathering together for an event. We recommend private sessions for all our yoga students to ensure you get the most out of every yoga practice. 
For more information, including availability and prices contact admin today.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Vera Vidya Yoga suited for?
Yoga is suitable for everybody however, it is about finding the class that is best suited to your body and your needs. Yoga classes are designed to release tightness and fatigue that is harbored in the body and mind, renewing and revitalising you for the rest of your day and week. Vera Vidya Yoga Studio was designed to provide a space for everyone including experienced yoga buffs, while at the same time providing a safe and nurturing space for those that may have never tried yoga before.
What if I am new to Yoga?
You have definitely come to the right place. Our teachers are warm, caring and passionate about creating a pathway for people to begin yoga. They are here to help you no matter what your fitness level or experience is. On the first Saturday of every month we run a dedicated introduction to Yoga for beginners. If you don’t want to wait, come in and try our Yin, Remedial or Restorative classes to experience the different styles available.
What is the Vera Vidya Pricing Model?
Our pricing structure is designed to be extremely valuable and very simple.
We offer all new members - $20 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes.
After your 2-week unlimited trial, unless you tell us otherwise, via email to admin, we will automatically upgrade you to our ‘Zen’ monthly membership. Just $120/month for unlimited classes. 
No contracts (that wouldn’t be very Zen would it?), cancel anytime. All we ask for is a 30-day cancellation notice for all monthly memberships.
How long are the sessions?
Yoga, pilates and mobility core classes run for 40 to 75 mins depending on the class.
Do I book or just show up?
Yes, all members must reserve their place using the online booking system. Classes are strictly limited and only places pre-booked can be guaranteed.
What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?
Vera Vidya Yoga is a place to stop, accept and to learn to listen to your body. To give back, nurture and nourish yourself. Yoga works on this through heat, strength, movement, mindfulness and breath. Yoga works on your mobility and flexibility leaving you feeling energised, grounded and whole.
Pilates Classes focus on building core strength by incorporating precise movements that require control and technique. They aim to build strength, flexibility, coordination and muscular endurance, with an emphasis on lengthening the body and improving spatial awareness. You will be working your body from the inside out and focus on perfecting movements before moving on. Pilates provides a strong foundation on which to enhance other movements.

Do I need to arrive early to class?
Yes, most clients arrive 2 minutes early and head into the studio onto their mat to begin their practice. If you are wanting to have a quick chat or catch up with someone else we recommend doing that before you enter the actual studio. Once you enter the studio, please respect it as a place of quiet reflection. Phones are off, conversations are left outside and we respect the quiet space for each yogi in the room.
The entrance door will be locked 5 minutes after class begins to keep your belongings safe so please ensure you are there before class commences. 
Pregnancy is such an exciting time in your life. We have some instructors that are trained in pre and postnatal yoga and are happy to talk you through any changes that you may need to make for your practice. Please notify your instructor as soon as you know you are pregnant and discuss with your Dr so they know that you will be exercising during your pregnancy. 
Class cancelation?
You can freely cancel any yoga class up to 24 hours before the class start time. Due to our capped classes we encourage all clients to remove their names from a class if you know you cannot attend. No-shows who do not cancel, may lose their priority booking status. 
What can I do if the class I want to attend is fully booked?
 If a class is fully booked it will not show up on the booking link in bold (you will not be able to click on it). If this occurs please notify admin on and they will place you on the waitlist.  This system works really well so don’t despair if your favourite class is full, contact admin because more often than not you will get in.
What if I have an injury or unusual pain?
We encourage all Vera Vidya Yogi’s to look after and listen to their bodies. It is important to remind the instructor of any current injuries you have before the class and if you feel any unusual pain during class please stop what you are doing and come into a pose that works for your body.
If you have a chronic injury, had an acute injury or have had surgery, we recommend booking a 1-1 assessment for your first visit and completing small group classes to learn modifications for common exercises.
What facilities are available at the studio?
 Pigeon holes to store your belongings in the entrance to the studio
 Toilets & change rooms
 Light essential oil scent is diffused throughout the studio
 Please note, there are no showers.
Membership Pause Policy?
We don't allow members to pause their memberships. If you are going away for an extended period of time, or your financial situation has changed, and don't want to continue investing in your membership, you can cancel your membership payments and sign up again when you're ready
What do I need to bring to class?
During these times, we encourage all clients to bring their own props and mats. If you do not own any, there will be some provided by the studio which need to be cleaned at end of each session. Bring a water bottle if you would like to have water available during class.
Is Vera Vidya open on Public Holidays?
The studio is closed on Public Holidays.
What happens over the school holidays and Christmas?
School Holidays:  We understand the importance of variety in your schedule to ensure interest and sustainability. During the holiday period we change up instructors and class schedule to create variety for your practice.

Christmas: The studio is closed the Wednesday before Christmas and re-opens the second Monday of January. This has been factored into our monthly membership rate, and the down time has been deducted over the average of the 12 months. With this in mind, memberships are not paused, canceled or otherwise amended from December 15 to January 15, unless extenuating circumstances (injury etc) are present. Vera Vidya reserves the right to make the final decision during this time. 

  Meet Your InsTructors
Ali Flynn

After graduating from psychology Ali spent years working as a trauma therapist. She believes there are many ways to heal and find happiness. After having three little girls Ali moved away from therapy into the fitness industry where she opened Altitude Fitness.
 It was through this journey that she discovered Yoga & Pilates. 
Yoga is about self love, nurturing and creating a space to connect in. It means something different to every person who walks into the studio. It is important to try different teachers and studios until you find the balance that is right for you. 
Vera Vidya has been built on Acceptance
Safety &

Ali Specialises in Yoga Flow, Mobility Core and Pilates.

Kate Pattison
Studio Teacher

Kate has a natural capacity for creating community around her. She is all heart and it shines through in everything she does. 
She first found Yoga after going through some life challenges. After spending years of working with others in youth work she has found a home where she can teach and help others without burning herself out in the process. 
Kate is passionate about teaching people how to listen to their bodies and still their minds. She believes there is something in yoga for everyone, its about finding what works for you and discovering your full potential. Come and experience her amazing energy.

Kate specialises in Yin and Yoga Flow.

Chanel Leaudais
Studio Teacher

Chanel is a Dance Educator with over 15 years of practice in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha Yoga and Meditation. 
Chanel has taught in Dance Education, Special Needs Education and Learning Support – discovering that through each venture, yoga and meditation were both an anchor and sanctuary for the mind and body. Experiences in this field took her to Sydney, Melbourne and Europe. She has been involved with projects at Sydney Dance Company, the Sydney Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art & Carriage Works. 
Chanel deeply values inclusivity, compassion, health and creativity in life – infusing these elements into her classes.

Chanel specialises in Pilates, mobcore and Power Flow

Amelia Griffiths
Studio Teacher

Amelia grew up in Brisbane as a classically trained competitive dancer. As many dancers do, while searching for amicable cross-training aimed at maintenance and rehabilitation, Amelia fell in love with Pilates. 
While currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at UNE, she completed her Mat Pilates certification through Barre Body. She aims to teach holistic classes that work through all axis and planes of the body, while educating on the bodily responsibilities and anatomy behind movement. Amelia also enjoys testing her own limits through HIIT and Strength & Conditioning workouts. 

Amelia Specialises in Dynamic and Power Pilates. 
Emma Abbot
Studio Teacher

We love nothing more than a client turned teacher. Emma has been with our community since the very beginning when we were operating yoga classes out of a gym room. 
She has since gone on to complete her 200 hour yoga training and is currently studying pre and post natal yoga. 
Emma started her training for her self journey, not ever thinking she would step outside her comfort zone and teach. She absolutely loves that she can share her love and passion with those around her.
Emma has that unique ability to help you settle into your the mat and feel completely at ease. Her classes have a strong alignment focus paired with creative sequencing where she creates an inclusive space for anyone and everyone.   

Em Specialises in Yin and Align  Yoga.                         
Elayna Moens
Studio Teacher

After growing up in Armidale, Elayna moved to Sydney in 2018 to pursue a career in dance and teaching. Following the completion of her diploma in dance at Ev & Bow, she decided to bring her newly acquired skills home. Elayna is incredibly passionate about yoga, pilates and wholistic wellbeing. She also has an interest in physical rehabilitation and loves to help people on the road to recovery. 
Using her dance background, she combines strength, stretching and meditation to help you feel like your best self!

Elayna specialises in Pilates, Flow and Dance.                                      
Caitlin Chalmers
Studio Teacher

Caitlin aka Caity, has been practicing yoga for almost a decade and jumped at the opportunity to share her passion with those around her. 
She whole heartedly believes in the benefits that come from spending time in the studio: for your mind, your body and your soul.
Her aim is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for her students to grow and explore their potential. When not on her yoga mat, Caity can be found drinking coffee, doing a workout, reading a book or snuggling her beautiful little baby.

If you haven't tried one of her classes, you are missing out! Come into the studio and check her out. 

Cailtin Specialises in Yoga Flow, Align and Awaken Yoga.

Kath McMillan
Studio Teacher  

Kath has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 30 years. This clearly demonstrates her passion, devotion and attitude to fitness and health. She lives, breathes, and models what she believes will lead to live a healthy life.
She has completed my Certificate III in Fitness and a Level 1 Course in Strength and Conditioning. She has Level 0 certificates for coaching racket sports, netball, and cricket !!!!

Check out some of the classes she has taught; Jazzfitness, Jazzaerobics, Jazzeasy, Cardio Funk, BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyAttack, BodyBalance and BodyJam. 

Kath Specialises in Balance and Flow.

Vera Vidya Studio

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